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Most men experience at least some degree of hair loss in their lifetime, with the numbers increasing continuously with age.  By their late 20’s, approximately 12% of men experience some hair loss. By the time a man is in his 50s, he has a greater than 50% chance of displaying some genetic baldness.

The psychological effects of hair loss in men vary greatly, with some people barely paying attention to their thinning hair and others being affected so severely that even a small amount of hair loss can limit their ability to feel comfortable in social situations and prevent their normal functioning at work. It is important that those who are having unusual difficulty dealing with their hair loss receive psychological support or counseling as well as medical treatment.

Fortunately, there are a number of excellent medical treatments that can prevent or postpone male hair loss when in its early stages and surgical hair restoration treatments that can restore a completely natural look, even if the hair loss has advanced. Over the past 10 years, treatments have improved dramatically, particularly with the introduction of Low Level Laser Light Therapy and the development of the surgical hair transplant procedure Follicular Unit Micrografting.